Instructions and FAQ's

Q: Will the follower work as a standalone upgrade, and can I purchase the follower separately?

A: No. The follower is not sold separately and it is not the only source of the multi-caliber function. The magazine requires our specially shaped and flexible shell to adjust from small ammunition to larger ammunition and vice versa.


Q: Will the magazine work in an AK-47 or Mini-14?

A: No. The magazine is designed for AR-15 platforms only


Q: My magazine swells when loaded.

A: Yes. This is most pronounced when loaded with 6.5 Grendel. This is not a defect, and the magazine will drop freely when empty. Insert the magazine all the way until a click is heard (on a closed bolt) or until it seats all the way on an open bolt. The feeling of more resistance is normal.


1) Verify that you are loading UNIMAG with the correct ammunition for your weapon system.

Attention: It is YOUR responsibility alone to be familiar with the correct operation of your firearm. If there is ever any uncertainty about which ammunition is appropriate for your rifle, we highly advise that you discontinue operation of the firearm, and consult the manufacturer or a qualified gunsmith.

2) Load the ammunition while taking care to seat the cartridge all the way to the rear of the magazine's interior.

As with any magazine, it is important that the stack is proper and that there is no loose ammunition. If a rattling sound is heard inside the magazine after loading, give a few taps on the back of the magazine.

Note*  If you are unable to load Unimag to near the capacity corresponding to the ammunition type, it is recommended that you completely empty the magazine of the cartridges and repeat the loading process while taking care to load the ammunition snugly against the rear interior of the shell.

3) Insert the UNIMAG into the rifle's magazine well, and seat it in place with an audible click of the magazine catch.

4) Before handling firearms, ensure that all proper firearms safety protocol is followed.

The Unimag does not require lubrication.

We do not recommend the use of excessive oil based lubricants. Should you choose to do so, take care not to drop the magazine into loose sand as it will mix with oil lubricants and require cleaning.

To maintain your Unimag, the recommended procedure is to blow out all dirt and foreign material with compressed air or wipe it free with a dry cloth.

If the sand or debris does not readily fall out, it is safe to wash the Unimag shell with water without risking corrosion. Be sure to check any mechanical areas such as the springs or pins for dirt and clean it out with a brush or compressed air. It is not recommended to disassemble the magazine beyond the three primary component structures: (Shell, Follower and Spring Assembly, Base Plate). Dis-assembly of these components is beyond the degree recommended or necessary for simple maintenance, and can lead to unnecessary wear of moving parts. Make sure that all surfaces have completely dried before reassembling and using the Unimag.

Glossary of Terms:

Shell: The steel body of the magazine that houses the internal operating parts.

Follower: The plastic two-piece assembly that forces the ammunition to the top of the magazine

Base-Plate: Rectangular steel piece that slides into the magazine shell bottom to hold the magazine together

Stack: Refers to the structure of multiple loaded cartridges, as they typically rest diagonally to the cartridge loaded immediately underneath each other.