Ross Defense Systems

"Ingenious design"
~AR-15 owner

"This is the first magazine that can handle the 223, 6.5, 6.8, & the 2 AKs, the 7.62x39 & 5.45x39 reliably."
~Ed Ross, CEO & founder

The UNIMAG. A must-have for shooters and firearms manufacturers looking to expand product lines and revenue opportunities, the UNIMAG and other Ross Defense Systems concepts offer true market promise. This versatile multi-caliber magazine has proven reliable and jam-free for several types of ammunition, to date:

Ammo       Capacity
223/556   30
300BLK   30
5.45X39   29
6.8SPC   26
7.62X39   25
6.5 Grendel   24
458 SOCOM    12
224 Valkyrie 26

The UNIMAG is known for its compatibility with the AR-15 but also works with other rifles that use a STANAG magazine. It was successfully tested with the 450 Bushmaster by You can watch that demo here.

Ross Defense Systems seeks partnerships with key gun manufacturers to bring the UNIMAG multi-caliber magazine to market. The UNIMAG will soon be joined by other after-market accessories, including patented scope designs and other AR-15 gun accessories in development. Ross Defense Systems is experienced in contract manufacturing and offers a proven track record in product design and R&D.

Explore the UNIMAG and in-development opportunities to expand your AR-15 product lines.