New multi-caliber magazine unveiled2015-01-13

RZE to unveil new multi-caliber magazine at The Range 702 during Las Vegas SHOT Show

Ross & Zheng Engineering (RZE) has announced that it will reveal its UNIMAG multi-caliber magazine at a private range shooting event this month in Las Vegas.

The UNIMAG multi-caliber magazine, RZE’s first production-ready firearm component, provides enhanced performance and reliability for gun owners and enthusiasts. Compatible with AR-15 and other rifles that use a STANAG magazine, the UNIMAG is proven to be reliable and functional for six different types of ammunition and counting. The patented design includes a two-piece, self-levering follower that maintains its stability while also accommodating tilt introduced by the ammo, and a self-adjusting magazine shell to regulate various cartridge diameters.

“This is the first magazine that can handle the 223, 6.5, 6.8 and the 2 AK calibers, the 7.62x39 and 5.45x39, reliably. It offers OEMs a tremendous opportunity to expand their AR-15 product families, particularly in 7.62x39 uppers and lowers,” CEO & Founder Ed Ross said.

RZE’s proprietary technology is backed by patents, including the self-levering follower for a universal magazine of multiple caliber compatibility for firearms (US 8667724 B2) and the magazine shell of a universal magazine of multiple caliber compatibility for firearms (US 8850732 B2). The company holds two additional firearms accessory patents and has one patent pending.

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